Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Teclast T51 is iPhone look-alike

Teclast T51 is iPhone look-alike

teclast t51

teclast t51 pmp

While not quite as exciting as the leaked Android T58, the new Teclast T51 has started hitting shelves out East. Although this device is now hitting shelves, Teclast have managed to keep this one under wraps.

With an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch, the T51 features an 8GB storage capacity.

The touchscreen-capable T51 is equipped with a lengthy 3.5 inch screen displaying at a 320 by 480 pixel resolution. No word on supported file types; although, if previous Teclast players are anything to go on, we can expect the usual support - MP4, MP3, WMV etc.

Soon to hit store shelves in China, the T51 will retail for 799 yuan or around $117 (USD).

(Via PlayerBites.)

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