Monday, December 21, 2009

Chuwi PHG gaming PMP

Chuwi PHG gaming PMP

Chuwi PHG gaming PMPAt first glance the Chuwi PHG gaming PMP looks pretty cool. It also looks like a redesigned PSP. The Chuwi PHG will play a variety of games, anything from 8-bit NES titles to GameBoy, 16-bit games from the SNES and MegaDrive and even some 64-bit games.

Of course you’ll have to find ROMs for all these games. Some other features include 720p support, TV Out, and it supports a bunch of audio and video file formats. You also get 4GB of internal memory. All for $73.


Aldi’s iPod Nano Clone is Quite Cheap


For the equivalent of $43 British residents can enjoy their very own iPod Nano clone. It doesn’t have a camera but take it from us, a $43 Nano clone is cheap, especially if it really looks like that i. The Nono, an iPod Nano clone with camera, will set you back $55. If you want cheaper than the Aldi’s nano clone, take a look at some of the choices:

The Aldi’s Nano clone does not have a camera but there’s an FM tuner, though video support is limited to AMV. The battery lets you play video for 3 hours or music for 3 hours. Not much battery life but you get 3-year warranty.

[aldi via pocket-lint]

Finis XtreaMP3 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player


If you’re into water sports and looking for a new waterproof MP3 player, be sure to check out Finis’ latest XtreaMP3. This waterproof MP3 player features a 1GB of internal memory (up to 240 songs), all the basic controls including volume, track forward/backward and play/pause, a USB port, an 8-hour rechargeable battery and supports both MP3 and WMA audio files. In addition, it also comes with a comfortable neoprene arm strap allowing you to enjoy your favorite music hands free. The XtreaMP3 sells for $149.99.

(Via The Apple iPod and MP3 Players Blog.)

Nationite S:Flo2 Photo Shoot

Nationite S:Flo2 Photo Shoot

Well now that i have a bit more free time, i thought i would do a photoshoot for the Nationite S:Flo2. You can enjoy looking at all the images on the product page.

More images

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

RAmos T8HD Photo Review - Touch Screen, Cover Flow and More!


The RAmos T8HD is a player with a similar face, well interface, the T8HD is basically a 4.3″ version of the T11RK, it literally uses the very same user interface. There is one other change in the hardware from the T11Rk, the T8HD only has a 480 x 272 resolution screen, the T11RK has a 800 x480 resolution screen.


The T8HD use the same body design as the older RAmos T8, there really is no difference between the two, even their weight is almost identical, however the quality of the actual screen seems to be better, even though its only 480 x 272 resolution, images do look nice on the 4.3″ screen and it has fairly decent viewing angles.

The UI is exactly the same as we saw on the RAmos T11RK, so you can expect nice kinetic scrolling as well as album art music browsing. The T8HD has the RK2806 media processor at its core, so it is capable of support videos upto 1280 x 720 resolution and supports AVI, FLV, MKV and RMVB video formats, it also supports MP3, WMA, FLAC and APE audio formats.

Overall the RAmos T8HD is a nice touch screen player with a very interactive and attractive UI.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

Ainol V6000HDK Another Transformer has landed - Enter Bumble Bee


Well who wouldn’t have guessed that Ainol only compact sochip player would be nick named Bumble Bee, you would at least have expected there to be a yellow colored version! 220064

The V6000HDK looks to run on a Sochip processor and will be capable of support multiple video formats, including MKV, upto a 1920 x 1080 (take that claim with a pinch/bag of salt). I suspect that this player is being released to compete against Onda’s VX520 compact player, but there is no word if the V6000HDK will also come armed with  HDMI out port.

No release date given, but the 4GB will only be about USD$44 (RMB$299).

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

MSI Rolls Out A New PMP

MSI Rolls Out A New PMP


MSI has announced their latest portable media player with the introduction of MT-V660. This new PMP features a Rockchip RK2806 chipset, a 3.2-inch 480 x 320 display, a TV-Out and supports a wide range of audio and video formats including MKV, AVI, DivX 3/4/5, XviD, H.264, RMVB/RM, MP4, FLV, H.264/H.263, VOB, MPG, DAT, MOV, 3GP, MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV as well as AAC. Unfortunately, there’s no word on pricing and availability yet.


[Cloned In China]

BMORN’s Latest PMP For China

BMORN’s Latest PMP For China


Blue Morning (BMORN) is back with its new portable media player ‘BM-996SHD’ for the Chinese market. The player offers a 7-inch display, an 8GB of storage, 1080i output, TV Out, USB OTG and supports most audio and video formats including OGG, APE, FLAC, MKV and H.264. The BM-996SHD is sold for approximately $100 in China. [Ubergizmo]

Window G85 Touch Viva

Window G85 Touch Viva

Window G85 Touch Viva

The Window G85 Touch Viva is a portable media player that comes with a 4.3-inch (800 × 480) LCD display and supports 720p video playback, H.264 codec and TV out function. The player is compatible with a wide range of multimedia formats including MKV, AVI, RM, RMVB, MP4, MOV, VOB, DAT, FLV and 3G. Too bad, there is no word on pricing so far. [Cloned In China]

New Touch Screen Chuwi P7 - Telechips 8901 processor & Flash UI


Chuwi contact us today with the news that they will be having some new players coming out. At first i had hoped it would be news about their new linux based MID that i was informed about sometime ago, but it was infact news on another Telechips 8901 based player. The P7 looks to be on the same lines as the RAmos T11TE and the Teclast T56, it looks to have a 5.0″ touch screen and a user interface that will be based around Flash. This is certainly a good thing as it means the UI will be much nicer and far more interactive than what we normally see from similar non flash based touch screen players.

We can also expect there to be an HDMI port on the player and it will support 1080p video playback and 1080p video out. There really isn’t much additional information, I will update when i get more.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ONN V2 MP3 Player Mimics Iriver E30

ONN V2 MP3 Player Mimics Iriver E30


With a passing resemblance to the iRiver E30, the ONN V2’s bare looks are likely to divide opinion.

On its side though is the slim 6.8mm width and its ability to play MP3, WMA and WAV audio for up to 30 hours.

Working against it is fact it offers video playback on the dodgy looking 1.5 inch screen. Probably best stick to music with this one.

Price and date TBA.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

Hallods Drops A New PMP

Hallods Drops A New PMP


Hallods has dropped a new portable media player in Japan called the F264. This PMP boasts a 4-inch 480 x 272 TFT display, an 8GB of internal memory, a microSDHC card slot (up to 8GB), a voice recorder, an FM tuner, a radio recorder, a USB 2.0 interface and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 4.5 hours of music playback or up to 3 hours of video playback. The player also supports most audio and video formats including MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, APE, WAV, OGG, MPEG4, FLV (H.263) (H.264), AVI, RM, RMVB, MOV, VOB, DAT, 3GP as well as YouTube video. The Hallods F264 sells for around 17,000 Yen (about $192).


[Via Akihabara]

iRiver E30 is US reality

iRiver E30 is US reality

iRiver E30 Media Player release

News of the iRiver E30 hitting China went down quite a storm, and we weren’t even sure whether to expect a US release. The fate of the player with its infamous 52-hour-capable battery has become just that much clearer.

iRiver’s latest device has been spotted on shopping giant, Amazon. Both the 4GB and 8GB versions are available for $59 an $79 which are within our expectations of the $66 that we had previously estimated. No sign of the 2GB version, but that should arrive within time…

Checkout our original article about the device’s release for a spec breakdown.

[via iTech News]

PNIX SD MP3 Player Does 16GB SD Cards and is Cheap (?)


Phoenix or PNIX produces low-cost MP3 players. PNIX SD is only their second product and either my translator is having an off-day right now or one of these PNIX SD MP3 players are only really 14,900 won (or about $13). Only nine bucks for a Korea-made MP3 player! Talking about cheap electronics! And we thought dirt cheap MP3 players are exclusive to China. But wait, earphones sold separately for 9,900 won or about $9. Which makes our PNIX SD player a $21 gadget if you want a fully working MP3 player. Warning, even in Korea, first read the fine print.

[Via moveplayer]

Itoos M6HD 8GB Portable Media Player

Itoos M6HD 8GB Portable Media Player

After releasing the T56HD portable media player, Itoos has also launched the M6HD high definition portable media player for the Chinese market. The gadget provides an 8GB of internal memory, a 4.3-inch LCD display, 1080i output, H.264 and HDMI support alongside compatibility with MKV, AVI, RM/RMVB, VOB and DAT video file formats. The 8GB Itoos M6HD is priced at $58.50 each. [Cloned In China]

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lisse Unveils A New HD-Capable PMP

Lisse Unveils A New HD-Capable PMP

Lisse MyRacer H10 HD PMP

Lisse has unveiled their latest HD-capable portable media player namely the MyRacer H10 HD. Measuring 147mm x 89mm x 19mm and weighing 73 grams, the player sports a 5-inch 1280 x 720 TFT LCD display with 16.7 million colors, a 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, a voice recorder, built-in speakers, a USB port and an HDMI output. The device also supports most audio and video formats including MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, RM/RMVB, AVI (Xvid, DivX), WMV, ASF, DAT, MPG, MP4, VOB, SMI as well as HD video playback (720p). Pricing and release date are still unknown at the moment. [Lisse]

iRiver E30 released with specs confirmed

iRiver E30 player

I’m sure you remember the irresistible iRiver E30, the player that caught our eye with its whopping 52 hour audio playback ability. The player, reminiscent of the iPod nano and the cousin to the iRiver E50, is hitting Chinese retailers as we speak.

Not only do we have the latest photos, but we can confirm some of the features incorporated into the device that were previously unknown.

The device will be available in three different storage capacities: 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB. If you’re still a fan of radio, the E30 includes an FM tuner. Not only can the player record broadcasts, but one of our sources informs us that it can ‘record videos’ too. Lastly, we can’t forget about the photo viewer.

iriver e30 mp3 player

The player includes a MiniUSB interface for music transfer and a 3.5mm audio jack for your favorite headphones.

No word if we should expect a stateside release. As such, no word on price; however, the player will retail in Israel for 250 New Israeli Shekels (or ~$66).

iriver e30 thick


  • 2GB, 4GB or 8GB capacities

  • 1.8″ 262k color (176 x 220 pixels) TFT display

  • supports MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, and FLAC audio and SMV (M-JPEG) video

  • features FM tuner, radio broadcast recording, and photo viewer

  • battery life of 5 hours of video or up to 52 hours of audio

  • measures 89.9 x 42 x 9.8 mm

(Via PlayerBites.)

RAmos T11TE, best from RAmos Before Christmas


That’s the best HD PMP from the RAmos company. It’s a little pricier than what you’d usually pay for a China MP4 player, too. The RAmos T11TE is a logical next step from the 720p RAmos T11 player. It supports 1080p playback, which some people know as full HD playback. There are several other significant improvements from its predecessor:

  • Telechips TCC8900 processor

  • 5.0-inch touchscreen (from 4.3-inch) at 800 x 480

  • inclusion of HDMI port

Ownta sells the 16GB at $177.45 including shipping and gives users warranty and online support The complete list of RAmos T11TE specifications and a video demo of the player after the break. (Notice that despite the nifty marker-type stylus, finger input is totally supported.)


  • 5.0-inch touch 800x480 TFT LCD

  • Korean Telechips and indepedent DAC audio chip

  • MP3,WMA,WAV,AC3,OGG,FLAC  music files.


  • 1080P HDMI video output

  • Stereo speakers.

  • TXT e-book reading, support bookmark and filp

  • JPEG, BMP, GIF photo formats with Rotary, preview, slide show function.

  • Voice record

  • OTG function

  • support TV-out-out function.

  • Remote control

(Via PMP Today.)

iPod nano clone

iPod nano clone

iPod nano clone

You know you're on to something when most other people clone your device or steal your idea, and the entire iPod range has fallen victim to cloners of China over the past few years due to the immense popularity of the original portable media player, and this is a trend that doesn't seem to let up. This clone of the iPod nano comes with a 2.2' LCD display alongside a built-in VGA camera, supporting popular audio and video gile formats. Too bad there doesn't seem to be a memory card slot to augment the rather paltry 2GB internal memory. At least when you get bored of your limited number of tunes, you can always tune in to the local radio stations via its integrated FM radio.

(Via UberGizmo, the Gadgets News Blog.)

Haier’s First Touchscreen PMP

Haier’s First Touchscreen PMP

Haier Theatre PMP

Chinese-based company Haier has recently released their first touchscreen portable media player ‘Theatre’ for the US market. Available in either 4GB or 8GB capacity, this compact player boasts a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display, an accelerometer sensor, an FM tuner, a voice recorder, a 12-hour battery and supports for MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, MPEG-4, JPEG as well as TXT multimedia file formats. The 4GB and 8GB versions are priced at $90 and $100, respectively. [Product Page]

Super-Skinny Newman A18HD Priced and Detailed


The uber thin Newman A18HD is 9.8mm at its thickest point and as reported last month has a 5 inch screen.

Newman have released sizes and prices now, as well as some other handy facts.

It’s not a touchscreen and judging by the list of games (Super Bubble Bobble and Gold Miner) it more than likely does use the CC1600 chipset as predicted.

Its 16 million colour LTPS screen plays back 720P video and supports RM, RMVB, AVI and FLV with TV-Out.

Audio’s all the regluars and has software rendered 3D sound, a text reader, photo browsing and more.

The 8GB costs 599 yuan ($87) and the 16GB’s 799 yuan ($117)

Click after the jump to see its curves.


[Via imp3]