Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BMorn BM-888 PMP Photo Review

BMorn BM-888 PMP Photo Review


The latest BMorn PMP to arrive at MP4Nation boasts a 7 inch 800 x 480 resolution touchscreen and the powerful ChinaChip CC1600. After the jump is a photo review of its skills.

The Packaging


A nice, bright simple blue and white design carrying a picture of the player and an illustration.

The Contents


In the box you get the big ol’ player, a package with the warranty card and instruction books, audio out cable, USB cable, BMorn branded earphones and HD component out cable for the 720P HD.

The Player


The larger players out there can sometimes look garish or out of place but luckily the BM-888 is reserved and understated in its design which credits it with a simple and effective look.

It’s got some weight to it but in a reassuring way rather than bulky. At 440g it’s anything but flimsy and feels like it could take a knock or two. This is down to the amount of metal in its construction.


Being a touchscreen 3 of the 4 edges are slick and smooth with no buttons, it’s just the left hand side that harbours all the ports and buttons.

These are, from left to right, headphones (x 2), power, TV-OUT, USB and DC.




Once it’s powered up the main screen is displayed in seconds.

This interface makes full use of the 7 inch screen, spreading out in a neat and clear circle and displaying the following options: Video, Picture, Browser, System Set, Record, E-Book, Radio and Music. In the centre of the circle sits the battery level indicator.

Selection creates a satisfying blue glow around the icon before the screen transition. This give quite a nice manual feel to the touchscreen.



(Note: Photographs were taken with factory protective film on screen)

Video support includes MPEG (AVI), RM, RMVB and FLV with a speed up to 16M.

This player breezes through 1080 x 720 RMVB files so anything below is a breeze.

It’s the regular great CC1600 video quality but the larger display can show some downfalls and pixelation in low-encoded files that a smaller screen may brush over.

Overall though it’s another victory for the CC1600.




The audio interface for the BM-888 is very similar to the CC1600 half-brother the Nationite OS-72HR.

Music can be selected via album, artist, title or folder. There’s a variety of play modes available too.


The basic sound is good and quite refined but there is also available the 3D audio settings which offer varying degrees of 3D processing, automatic volume balance, bass levels and high-frequency compensation.

These all add up to creating a pretty good user-defined sound although they can all get a little overwealming when turned on at once and the basic sound from the player just needs a user-controlled tweak to taste rather than a full digital overhaul, much to its credit.

Picture Viewer


The photo viewer displays your pictures in full-colour thumbnails for browsing with 12 on the screen at a time.

Once images are selected they are bright, bold and with great depth definition.

eBook Reader

This is unfortunately just a basic text browser but as with all CC1600 powered players there are free third party apps available, one of which is a great pfd reader which tackles pdfs and eBooks. This program would be excellently suited to the large, clear 7 inch screen of the BM-888.


The BM-888 is a simple to navigate and use touchscreen update of the core CC1600 system which is still in use for good reason - it’s simple, powerful and very effective.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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