Sunday, December 13, 2009

Super-Skinny Newman A18HD Priced and Detailed

Super-Skinny Newman A18HD Priced and Detailed


The uber thin Newman A18HD is 9.8mm at its thickest point and as reported last month has a 5 inch screen.

Newman have released sizes and prices now, as well as some other handy facts.

It’s not a touchscreen and judging by the list of games (Super Bubble Bobble and Gold Miner) it more than likely does use the CC1600 chipset as predicted.

Its 16 million colour LTPS screen plays back 720P video and supports RM, RMVB, AVI and FLV with TV-Out.

Audio’s all the regluars and has software rendered 3D sound, a text reader, photo browsing and more.

The 8GB costs 599 yuan ($87) and the 16GB’s 799 yuan ($117)

Click after the jump to see its curves.


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