Sunday, December 13, 2009

RAmos T11TE, best from RAmos Before Christmas

RAmos T11TE, best from RAmos Before Christmas


That’s the best HD PMP from the RAmos company. It’s a little pricier than what you’d usually pay for a China MP4 player, too. The RAmos T11TE is a logical next step from the 720p RAmos T11 player. It supports 1080p playback, which some people know as full HD playback. There are several other significant improvements from its predecessor:

  • Telechips TCC8900 processor

  • 5.0-inch touchscreen (from 4.3-inch) at 800 x 480

  • inclusion of HDMI port

Ownta sells the 16GB at $177.45 including shipping and gives users warranty and online support The complete list of RAmos T11TE specifications and a video demo of the player after the break. (Notice that despite the nifty marker-type stylus, finger input is totally supported.)


  • 5.0-inch touch 800x480 TFT LCD

  • Korean Telechips and indepedent DAC audio chip

  • MP3,WMA,WAV,AC3,OGG,FLAC  music files.


  • 1080P HDMI video output

  • Stereo speakers.

  • TXT e-book reading, support bookmark and filp

  • JPEG, BMP, GIF photo formats with Rotary, preview, slide show function.

  • Voice record

  • OTG function

  • support TV-out-out function.

  • Remote control

(Via PMP Today.)

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