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Gemei HD693T HD Touch Screen PMP Photo Review

Gemei HD693T HD Touch Screen PMP Photo Review


The smooth touchscreen stylings of the ChinaChip CC1600-powered Gemei HD693T 4.3 inch PMP have created quite a storm so for you delectation here’s a photographic rundown the unboxing, UI and of its best features including video, audio and picture browsing.

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The Packaging


Simple and effective again, just a logo on the front with the holographic stickers exclaiming its HD nature and its use of Realplayer and technical details on the back.

The Contents


All the contents are standard and useful. You can find:

The Player

A clear plastic stand

Instruction book and warranty card

Remote control

Composite out cable

Component out cable

USB cable

USB adapter

The Player


There’s something quite special about its smooth rounded edges and slick design.

Despite being touchscreen it doesn’t look it, ie there’s no fine-line coating of the screen. Instead it’s set got a glass-smooth plastic coating over the slightly set-back screen which works brilliantly to avoid the usual touchscreen trappings of screen quality loss.


Around the edges of the player are a whole array of buttons which actually work really well with the touchscreen interface, allowing the user double the options for control.




Obviously those of us who come to touchscreen from using buttons are going to intuitively reach for them to begin with and with this player you get the best of both worlds as it can be controlled both ways, marrying the ease of selection with touchscreen and the handy regular back button and volume controls we’re all used to.



Navigation is a breeze on the HD693T. The simple home menu provides all the options you need for instant music, video etc. and it uses the handy iPhone-esque slide function which can reveal a second screen for any games or apps installed.




The ChinaChip CC1600 performs excellently in this player which acts similarily to also-CC1600 Nationite OS-72. The screen is a 4.3 inch, 16 million colour LTPS widescreen that runs effortlessly at 800 x 480 resolution.

The video quality is as smooth, bright and bold with the same depth offered from the OS-72 due to the quality of the screen on the Gemei.



Again, top quality audio and navigation and playback are really simple. There’s a number of playback modes and the display has scope for album artwork display.



It comes pre-loaded with a host of ChinaChip compatible games which although they’re in Chinese are easy to use and look suitably bright and colourful. It is obviously also compatible with other third-party ChinaChip applications which have been previously released. For a selection see here.

The Verdict

In this short run through it’s two big thumbs up. The HD693T works like a perfect marriage between two technologies, the versatility and quality of the tried and tested CC1600 and the intuitive use of quality touchscreen programming.

All that with a fantastic high quality screen adds up to one great player.

The Gemei HD693T 8GB is available at the store for a special price of $109.50

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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