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MSI MT-V887 - Cheap Rockchip HD PMP

MSI MT-V887 - Cheap Rockchip HD PMP


Micro Star International have released the MT-V887, a budget 4.3 inch player that packs a Rockchip RK2728B capable of H.264 video decoding and 720P HD output.

The 4GB model costs 299 yuan / $43 and the 8GB’s 388 yuan / $56.

Screenwise it’s inkeeping with the price at 480 x 272 pixels TFT but a huge selection of supported audio and video files and the regular host of extra features mean this cheapo player could be perfectly acceptable.

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Bmorn BM-870 1080p PMP Should Stay in Your Car


The 8.9-inch in-car Digital Cinema from Bmorn should probably never be taken out of the car, like the dude above did. Dubbed the BM-870, we hope the big screen has enough pixels to support 1920 × 1080 videos. Yes, it’s a full HD PMP with no mention of GPS or FM transmitter. Just your professional-calibre basic PMP to keep your woman happy (while she rides shotgun). Not that Bmorn hasn’t caught our attention. We’re certainly hoping there’s more than just 1080p video playback.

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ViewSonic VPD500 and VPD400 media players handled on video

Although we saw glimpses of ViewSonic's VPD400 and VPD500 media players back in July, the no-longer-just-a-monitor company is officially pushing 'em out the door now. NetbookNews was kind enough to do a quick unboxing and hands-on for us, and although they both seem nice enough, we can't help but wonder who's in the market for a chunky dedicated PMP like these anymore -- and hey, seeing as ViewSonic's totally ripped Sony's XMB interface, you might as well save a few more bucks and get the real thing plus games by picking up a PSP here, you know? Video after the break.

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Teclast C510HD 1080p PMP Surfaces

Teclast C510HD 1080p PMP Surfaces

ownta-c510hdYet another 1080p HD PMP from China. Teclast isn’t exactly an unknown quantity for us. The C510HD is the first 1080p from the company we’ve heard about. It has a 5-inch touchscreen with a 800 × 480-pixels resolution. The chassis is metal as well and Ownta says you can squeeze 6 hours of video on this one. On board memory is 8GB and users can slot in microSD cards of up to 16GB in capacity. We’d love to get a hands-on video. The $148 price tag already includes free worldwide shipping. Click on the read more button to view the features list.

  • 1080P Full HD, perfect support VC-1 / MKV / TS

  • HDMI, Dual Component 1080p output, unique 24P Cinema

  • 5-inch 800 × 480 high-definition screen, all-metal body

  • Support NTFS / exFAT format (to play more than 4G file)

  • Long playback time, audio 30 hours, video 6 hours

  • Support Infrared Remote Control and OTG Function

  • Support Micro SD (TF) card expansion,Up to 16GB

  • [via ownta]

RAmos Icon T17 Budget Rockchip PMP

RAmos Icon T17 Budget Rockchip PMP


Released into their lower end spectrum range comes the RAmos Icon T17, a 4.3 inch 8GB player released at 399 yuan / $58.

The T17 is a simple looking non-touchscreen player that uses the Rockchip RK2728 chip which offers 720P HD playback via TV-OUT for a variety of file types including H.264, MKV, RMBV, VOB and more.

A lot’s been put on the ‘floral’ UI too, boasting a colourful, simple and intuitive display.

Other features include eBook reader PlayFX audio, 5 hours of video playback and 15 hours of music.

It’s also pretty slim at just 11mm.

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Kenwood Introduces MEDIA Keg MG-F500 Series


Kenwood Japan recently introduced its new MEDIA Keg MP3 player, the MG-F500 series in this coming December. 3 models are available in this coming December, which are MG-F504 (4GB), MG-F508 (8GB), MG-F516 (16GB). The new MG-F500 series supports microSD extension memory up to 16GB. It does plays MP3, WMA (DRM), AAC, and WAV audio files.

Retail prices are expected to be 12,ooo Yen (US$135), 15,000 Yen (US$168), and 18,000 Yen (US$200) for MG-F504, MG-508, MG-F516 respectively.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Samsung R0 not-so-boldly goes where most PMPs have gone before it

Samsung R0 not-so-boldly goes where most PMPs have gone before it

Samsung's certainly got the portable media player design down to a cold, cold science. There isn't much in the way of artistic license here, so let's get on with the specs, shall we? 2.6-inch TFT LCD, microSD slot, FM radio, second-language acquisition programs, text / photo viewer, and video codec support including DivX, XviD, and H.264. Your color choices, with the appropriately inappropriate adjectives, are Indie Black, Techno Silver, and Rap Pink. Korean-only, this little guy will line shelves at KRW139,000 (US $120) with 4GB internal memory, and KRW179,000 (US $155) for 8GB.

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RAmos T9HD caught on video

RAmos T9HD caught on video

RAmos T9HD caught on video

Yet another portable media player, the RAmos T9HD, is caught on video. Powered by a Rockchip RK2806 chipset, the T9HD will come equipped with a 4.3' touchscreen display at 800 x 480 resolution, support for 720p video playback, compatibility with a host of popular video formats, TV out and 8GB of internal memory. It will retail for approximately $102 after conversion. Apparently, the user interface will make allowances for drag-and-drops where appropriate.

(Via UberGizmo, the Gadgets News Blog.)

Newman A36HD PMP only 8mm Thick

Newman A36HD PMP only 8mm Thick


This is not the thinnest PMP we’ve featured but it’s pretty thin for a 720p player, especially if it functions well, and it looks like it would. The 3-inch LCD screen has a 400 x 240, not nearly good enough for 720p but you can connect it to a bigger screen with TV out. If China is serious about HD, and they’ve been busy churning out HD players this year, they should at least consider releasing higher-capacity flash players. The Newman A36HD is available in 4GB and 8GB. It plays RM, RMVB, AVI, and FLV videos.

[via akihabaranews]

Ainol's V9000HDX 'Megatron' PMP looks lovely, does 1080p, freezes its enemies in blocks of ice

Ainol's V9000HDX 'Megatron' PMP looks lovely, does 1080p, freezes its enemies in blocks of ice

Ainol's V6000 series had great specs, but sadly rocked a GPS-worthy aesthetic. The V8000 players went for something a little more stylish, but also a lot more vanilla. Now we're up to the V9000 series and we finally have a look that's sophisticated and distinctive -- and a little creepy with that 'please help I'm frozen over here' wallpaper. It's displayed on a 4.8-inch, 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen, though the device is capable of rendering 1080p video out its HDMI port for display onto something a little bigger. The UI seems a little busy but very functional, and with 16GB of storage, an FM tuner, and a 2450mAh battery it should keep you entertained even on the longest of commutes. Price and availability here in the States was not mentioned, but you weren't really expecting it would be, were ya?

Update: We got a comment from voodoo indicating that this is now believed to be a fake. While we're not entirely sure who to believe at this point with conflicting information on a variety of forums, given that Ainol has still not posted any confirmation of this device on its site it's not looking particularly good. If it is a fake we're hoping the company pulls out all the stops to identify the perpetrators -- and then hires them.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KAPOW! New Touch Screen Ainol Player Set to Impress - Nice UI too!

KAPOW! New Touch Screen Ainol Player Set to Impress - Nice UI too!


It’s been awhile since anyone can probably remember me actually giving a crap about Ainol, not that they make bad players, they just made the least interesting on the better brand name guys in China. Well that seems set to change, Ainol has announced their new V9000 player line, which are all slated to bbe touch screen based and we can probably assume, have the same UI as depicted in these promo pictures.


The first player in the V9000 series is the HDX, aka ‘Megatron’, it will use the new SoChip SC9800 chip, we can’t give you the low down on this chip as the information on SoChip chipsets in generally is a bit sketchy, but we can probably assure you that it will be able to handle videos upto 1080p, along with HDMI output and Ainol is stating the 4.8″ touch screen to be capacitive based.

The promo pictures make the UI seem to quite different from the rather more simple UI’s we are more accustomed to seeing on Ainol players, but i think i will just wait till i get one in my hands before i actually believe the UI looks like this.

More pictures in the gallery below

More info and discussion on the forums

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Tsinghua Tongfang T & F-88 MP3 Players Offer 68 Hours Charge


Primarily recording devices, the T & F-88 models from Tshinghua Tongfang are set to come out with a huge 68 hours of continous power from one charge.

They have all the usual MP3 playing functions too and will be released at a price that is ‘civilian-oriented’.

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Cowon iAudio 9 Unboxing

Cowon iAudio 9 Unboxing

Hopefully those who get a kick out of unboxings will enjoy this post. In recent years Cowon have been getting more and more economical with their packaging solutions, much in the same way Apple inc. have reduced their packaging requirements to the bare minimum. Cowon have gone from butt ugly cardboard boxes, to horrible vacuum packs, to mildly attractive cardboard boxes and now to this elegant, well thought out clear plastic shell.

I was as surprised as anyone when I received this wonderfully presented i9 in the post, I just don't think of Cowon and pretty in the same sentence. I'm old school though, and to me Cowon represent the geek's favourite tech - so I always forgave their lacklustre packaging, but it seems we are moving on to a new era in techgeekness, and that's damn cool.

Click the 'Read the rest' link below to the other images in the set. Each image can be viewed in fullscreen if you click on them."

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Onda VX585HD PMP 4.3 Inch HD PMP

Onda VX585HD PMP 4.3 Inch HD PMP


Another from Onda, this time the 4.3 inch VX585HD, a player that sports 720P digital output and OTC connectivity.

Supported file types include RMVB, MKV (including H.264 encoding), MP4, MOV, PMP, FLV, AVI, VOB, MPG and DAT.

Expansion goes up to the 32GB via TF card and it also supports audio, FM radio, photos, eBooks and more features to be confirmed with the firmware upgrade.

THe 8GB model costs 399 yuan / approx $60.

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Sony A840 hits China, uncertainty over US release

Sony NW A840

Although announced simultaneously, the Sony S640 and S740 have received a considerable amount more of attention than the Sony A840.  This is partly due to the fact that not too many of us are expecting to see the A840 hit these western shores.

The guys over at have revealed that the Sony A840 has been released into the Chinese market. The release of the product is just in time for Sony’s 30-year Walkman anniversary.

This is a great piece of kit.  All of its features make for a great competitor to the Apple dominated market. A 64GB player with video capabilities, support for a variety of file formats, a long-lasting battery, noise-canceling technology, FM-tuner, and 2.8-inch display - what’s not to love? I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t feature touchscreen technology and an awesome app store. Keep at it Sony…

For further information, checkout the product page.

Sony NW A840 Specs:

  • 2.8-inch OLED display

  • storage options up to 64GB (16, 32, and 64GB)

  • 29 hours of audio playback or 9 hours of video on a single charge

  • thickness of only 7.2mm - thinnest Sony Walkman to date

  • available in a choice of 6 colors including black and brown

  • packaged with headphones featuring noise-canceling technology

  • includes FM-tuner

Sony A840

Sony A840

Sony A840 4

Sony A840




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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hallods Releases F43 PMP With 1280 x 720p HD Resolution

Hallods Releases F43 PMP With 1280 x 720p HD Resolution

Hallods Releases F43 PMP With 1280 x 720p HD Resolution

Looking for a new PMP that comes with a real HD resolution? Then be sure to check out Hallods’ latest F43. Unlike most PMPs, the F43 is equipped with a 4.3-inch display that sports a 1280 x 720p HD resolution. Not only that, the player also offers an 8GB of storage, a microSDHC card slot (up to 16GB) and supports most audio and video formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE, MPEG4, FLV, H.263, AVI, RM, RMVB, DivX-WVGA as well as HD video playback. The player is available in Japan now, and expected to hit soon. [Hallods]

Latest Cube HD Model: H200HDSC

Latest Cube HD Model: H200HDSC


Cube’s HD series just keep on coming and the 4.3 inch H200HDSC is the latest, offering 1080I video output, OTG connectivity and 4GB of storage.

It supports RMVB, RM, AVI, FLV, MKV, DAT, WMV, MPG, MP4, MOV, PMP and VOB files at H.264 (HP) / H.263 decoding and 768P/30Mbps stream decoding.

The interface is the glossy ‘PSP menu’ style and it also plays the regular audio files along with DTS/AC-3 decoding.

There are a lot of colours to choose from and they seem to be the budget model of the series, costing 299 yuan / $44.

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Unboxing Cowon iAudio 9

Unboxing Cowon iAudio 9

Unboxing Cowon iAudio 9

Still remember the Cowon iAudio 9 PMP? Some dudes at Generation MP3 have posted an unboxing video of the gadget that has recently released in the US market. As a reminder, the slim player delivers a 2-inch LCD screen, an FM radio, a voice recorder, a text viewer, effects JetEffect 3.0 (+ BBE), a built-in speaker, and a TV output. The Cowon iAudio 9 also supports a wide variety of multimedia formats including MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, APE, AVI, WMV, Xvid and ASF. Each purchase comes with a pair of headphones, a USB cable, and operating manual. Video after the jump.

[Via Generation MP3]

Teclast 1080P C510HD Out Now

Teclast 1080P C510HD Out Now


The latest off the Teclast conveyor belt is the C510HD, a PMP with a 5 inch 800 x 480 resolution dot matrix screen that is powered by the master Teclast T8100 chip which supports up to 1920 x 1080 resolution video files, VC-1 encoding and 24P output.

With that of course comes HDMI output and a remote control for easy home cinema use. It has a zinc magnesium shell and an acrylic covering over the LCD screen. Other features include the usual picture viewer and eBook reader.

It’s out new and the 8GB model costs 799 yuan/approx. $120.

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ONN Announces V9 HD-Capable PMP

ONN Announces V9 HD-Capable PMP

ONN Announces V9 HD-Capable PMP

Danish company ONN (Owen) has announced their latest HD-capable portable media player for the Chinese market namely the ONN V9. This new portable device is powered by a Telechips processor and sports a 5-inch display, a 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, an eBook reader and supports most audio and video formats including HD video playback (1080p). Sadly, there’s no word on pricing so far.

(Via The Apple iPod and MP3 Players Blog.)

Hott HD360 Budget HD PMP

Hott HD360 Budget HD PMP


Hott’s latest 4.3 inch player is looking to undercut the HD competition in China by launching the 4GB model at 299 yuan/approx $44.

The HD360 comes in two colours and offers 720P TV-Out.

It supports RM, RMVB, AVI, MKV, FLV, AVI, VOB files up to 1360 x 768 resolution and has a 50Mbps peak stream for playback.

Audio supported includes all the usual as well as lossless formats and it has recording functions, picture browsing and an eBook reader.

Battery life runs at 10 hours audio or 4 hours video.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ultra-portable ONDA VX510 mini-PMP

Ultra-portable ONDA VX510 mini-PMP

Ultra-portable ONDA VX510 mini-PMP

The ONDA VX510 mini-PMP is a 2.4-inch Portable Media Player that comes jam packed with a touch-sensitive media controls. There is no further info about this gadget. ONDA has given no release date or pricing for the VX510. Word has it that this media player will be priced at around $80 each. We will keep you posted.


Sony S740 hits Asia Pacific – U.S. next?

Sony S740 release

Since the official corporate announcement of the S740,  Sony has kept the release of the player nicely under wraps.  Word has now emerged through SonyInsider that the S740 is hitting retail stores throughout the Asian Pacific region.

This has raised speculation as to whether the U.S. and Europe will get to lay its hands on the holy grail.  Although western consumers have all ruled out the possibility of an A840 stateside release, there is still strong hope for the new S740.

The Asian Pacific region has been short changed in the color department - it’s available in black only.  We’re not quite sure what happened to the purported color choices of gold, green, and violet that are available in Japan. Let’s hope the western allies receive more consideration.

S740 Specs:

  • 2.0-inch LCD display

  • available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities

  • features noise cancelling technology with Sony’s Trademarked Clear bass, Clear Stereo, and DSEE sound technologies.

  • continuous audio playback of 42 hours and 10 hours video.

  • includes FM tuner, TV out (SD), and lyric service.

  • available in black, gold, green, and violet.

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NPR honors big, bad, and pricey

NPR honors big, bad, and pricey

Rio MP3 Player

Oh how MP3 players have changed. It might feel like decades ago, but in the not too distant past MP3 players were the size of a brick. They cost the earth and could be confused with explosive devices.  Thankfully, humanity has evolved to produce such magnificent devices like Apple’s iPod, Cowon’s iAudio 9, and iRiver’s N20.

NPR have dedicated an article looking back at what MP3 players used to look like. The picture slide show is a treat. For goodness sake, please don’t get too nostalgic; we don’t wont to hear stories of you digging your dinosaur player out the closet. This could be one to bookmark for the kids…

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OPPO X1 Music Crystal: From Perfume Bottle to Beautiful MP3 Player


I take it OPPO means to broadcast to the world that they didn’t steal the designe of the Philips Luxe Bluetooth MP3 player.

Try in the model based on the combined number of high-end perfume bottle design inspiration, the effect diagram has been revised many times, the effect of the first draft of the final map was born.

The GoGear Luxe happens to be one of our most popular search trends last year, and with good reason we believe. The OPPO X1 apparently didn’t evolve effortlessly. It’s birthing was painful, an almost epic coming out from raw idea-


Original design inspiration, was born in OPPO artists and designers in Japan, a Japanese high-end encounters the brand make-up bottles, beautiful curves and fantastic color transition, bring immense good association. To create a ‘beautiful,’ MP3! The original dream of the resulting embryo.

to the thing of beauty that it is today. Of course, once you find the perfect design idea, you need materials:

In order to show the effect of X1-clear out the initial production of selected models of glass processing lens, but because technology to limit it only uses straight cut, not the performance of a sense of the beautiful arc cutting.Glass lens processing the idea of the cancellation.

And how to achieve the desired effect of colors on a crystalline material?


Color is the first visual impact. X1 style from the lens mounted in the middle with color-plated hollow boxes and buttons in product segmentation. Lens color design, decided to form a first impression of the product. So the color on, X1 after several attempts, from the solid color, to color, to the final gradient.

All these research means the possible SRP for the X1 Music Crystal would not be cheap-dare I say, even iPodian? Well, you have to know how to read between the lines…


The way the beautiful transformation, the birth of the music crystal OPPO X1, X-series name, a symbol of the return of sound quality, and the origin of most of the music, the most simple pursuit. Full of beauty and love of the X1, is a couple hand heart a radiance scenery.

(Via PMP Today.)

Viewsonic offically launches VPD400 MovieBook media player

Viewsonic was showing this one off way back in July alongside a slew of other gear, but it's just now gotten fully official with its VPD400 MovieBook media player, which is apparently available right away for $129.99. That will get you a 4.3-inch 800 x 480 display, 8GB of internal memory, a micro SD card slot for more, an AV out port for some bigger screen viewing (not HDMI, it seems), and a promised 12 hours of battery life for audio and six for video -- not to mention your choice of black, pink or white color options. Not too shabby, just don't go expecting anything fancy like WiFI or a touchscreen.

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$15 ONDA VX343 MP3 Player Predicts Future Trends


Don’t mind the title, we’re not serious. As intriguing as it is, we doubt the ONDA VX343 form factor will catch on. It looks like a small makeup kit or a futuristic communicator. The VX343 is a 99 yuan ($14) MP3 player, which means this definitely goes to our cheap MP3 category.

Not much information yet for the ONDA VX343, but expect no higher capacity than the 2GB mentioned.

(Via PMP Today.)