Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NPR honors big, bad, and pricey

NPR honors big, bad, and pricey

Rio MP3 Player

Oh how MP3 players have changed. It might feel like decades ago, but in the not too distant past MP3 players were the size of a brick. They cost the earth and could be confused with explosive devices.  Thankfully, humanity has evolved to produce such magnificent devices like Apple’s iPod, Cowon’s iAudio 9, and iRiver’s N20.

NPR have dedicated an article looking back at what MP3 players used to look like. The picture slide show is a treat. For goodness sake, please don’t get too nostalgic; we don’t wont to hear stories of you digging your dinosaur player out the closet. This could be one to bookmark for the kids…

(Via PlayerBites.)

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