Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KAPOW! New Touch Screen Ainol Player Set to Impress - Nice UI too!

KAPOW! New Touch Screen Ainol Player Set to Impress - Nice UI too!


It’s been awhile since anyone can probably remember me actually giving a crap about Ainol, not that they make bad players, they just made the least interesting on the better brand name guys in China. Well that seems set to change, Ainol has announced their new V9000 player line, which are all slated to bbe touch screen based and we can probably assume, have the same UI as depicted in these promo pictures.


The first player in the V9000 series is the HDX, aka ‘Megatron’, it will use the new SoChip SC9800 chip, we can’t give you the low down on this chip as the information on SoChip chipsets in generally is a bit sketchy, but we can probably assure you that it will be able to handle videos upto 1080p, along with HDMI output and Ainol is stating the 4.8″ touch screen to be capacitive based.

The promo pictures make the UI seem to quite different from the rather more simple UI’s we are more accustomed to seeing on Ainol players, but i think i will just wait till i get one in my hands before i actually believe the UI looks like this.

More pictures in the gallery below

More info and discussion on the forums

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