Thursday, November 5, 2009

COWON iAudio 9 PMP at JetMall

COWON iAudio 9 PMP at JetMall


It looks like the iAudio 9 has followed the E2 to JetMall. The COWON iAudio 9 is your basic PMP that would only have been able to compete with the iPod Nano for your attention if you were especially averse to camera functionality (hey, some people hate these cellphone and PMP cameras). For $169.99 you get 16GB of storage and 8GB will set you back $129. The iAudio 9 supports more video and music files than the Nano (if you’re partial to FLAC, this is your 2-inch PMP). It plays up to 7 hours of video on a full charge. On stock at this moment.

[store via cnet]

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