Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[Oooh!] eviGroup Pad: 10-inch Media Tablet w/ Seline10 Virtual Assistant

[Oooh!] eviGroup Pad: 10-inch Media Tablet w/ Seline10 Virtual Assistant

evigroup-padI am mildly amused by eviGroup’s media tablet offering. Simly dubbed the eviGroup Pad, it’s most distinct feature is the 10.6-inch resistive touchscreen. You’d think but you would be wrong. You see, the device wil feature an artificial intelligence by the name of Seline10. Yep, they say it’s an A.I. virtual secretary that will help you out while using the Pad. The software that is Seline10 is ten years in the making, would you believe it? eviGroup should really be thinking about dividing the company into hardware and software. Seline10 is obviously an attractive product all on her own. With that said, we’ll be looking out for a demo video.

Update: And here is the video (sans Seline10):

For actual shots of the eviGroup Pad hardware, we’ve pasted it below the specs list:

  • 10.6 inches of touchscreen LCD space

  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor

  • Windows 7 Premium OS and Seline10 software

  • WiFi, 3G connectivity

  • 1.3 megapixel camera and video camera

  • 160GB memory storage (SATA)

  • Ethernet, VGA port, 2 USB ports, mic jack

  • Price €499 (Standard model with no 3G and Seline10; €599 (Elite)


The 10-inch eviGroup Pad below a smaller device

[via gmp3]

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