Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OPPO X1 Music Crystal: From Perfume Bottle to Beautiful MP3 Player

OPPO X1 Music Crystal: From Perfume Bottle to Beautiful MP3 Player


I take it OPPO means to broadcast to the world that they didn’t steal the designe of the Philips Luxe Bluetooth MP3 player.

Try in the model based on the combined number of high-end perfume bottle design inspiration, the effect diagram has been revised many times, the effect of the first draft of the final map was born.

The GoGear Luxe happens to be one of our most popular search trends last year, and with good reason we believe. The OPPO X1 apparently didn’t evolve effortlessly. It’s birthing was painful, an almost epic coming out from raw idea-


Original design inspiration, was born in OPPO artists and designers in Japan, a Japanese high-end encounters the brand make-up bottles, beautiful curves and fantastic color transition, bring immense good association. To create a ‘beautiful,’ MP3! The original dream of the resulting embryo.

to the thing of beauty that it is today. Of course, once you find the perfect design idea, you need materials:

In order to show the effect of X1-clear out the initial production of selected models of glass processing lens, but because technology to limit it only uses straight cut, not the performance of a sense of the beautiful arc cutting.Glass lens processing the idea of the cancellation.

And how to achieve the desired effect of colors on a crystalline material?


Color is the first visual impact. X1 style from the lens mounted in the middle with color-plated hollow boxes and buttons in product segmentation. Lens color design, decided to form a first impression of the product. So the color on, X1 after several attempts, from the solid color, to color, to the final gradient.

All these research means the possible SRP for the X1 Music Crystal would not be cheap-dare I say, even iPodian? Well, you have to know how to read between the lines…


The way the beautiful transformation, the birth of the music crystal OPPO X1, X-series name, a symbol of the return of sound quality, and the origin of most of the music, the most simple pursuit. Full of beauty and love of the X1, is a couple hand heart a radiance scenery.

(Via PMP Today.)

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