Monday, December 21, 2009

Aldi’s iPod Nano Clone is Quite Cheap

Aldi’s iPod Nano Clone is Quite Cheap


For the equivalent of $43 British residents can enjoy their very own iPod Nano clone. It doesn’t have a camera but take it from us, a $43 Nano clone is cheap, especially if it really looks like that i. The Nono, an iPod Nano clone with camera, will set you back $55. If you want cheaper than the Aldi’s nano clone, take a look at some of the choices:

The Aldi’s Nano clone does not have a camera but there’s an FM tuner, though video support is limited to AMV. The battery lets you play video for 3 hours or music for 3 hours. Not much battery life but you get 3-year warranty.

[aldi via pocket-lint]

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