Friday, September 18, 2009

Nationite S:Flo next gen version sample quick review and some pics

Nationite S:Flo next gen version sample quick review and some pics


I got it, arrived at the office today and a small package was waiting for, hadn’t been so excited to see a courier parcel from China in such a long time.

Ok so here is a very quick over view (i have been using it for under an hour):

Overall the player is much larger than the original S:Flo, its thickness and size kind of reminds of the latest generation of iPod classics, but its not huge, the thickness and overall size work well together. The player has a bit of weight to it, but due to the where i am feeling the most weight coming from the player i am going to assume this actually has one big battery. The back of the player is metal and not plastic, nicely made and good paint job, not complaints there.

The font is pretty much the exact same as the S:Flo when it comes to material used and finishing, offcourse its now just much larger, right away i can tell the screen will be just as scratch resistant as the original S:Flo. The front button is the same size as the one on the original S:Flo, i am still 50/50 if i like how the button looks or if it look strange to have such a small button on the front of such a large player…maybe the factory could have enlarged this in proportion with the larger screen too. As we thought, the front button now is the on/off button.

The actual screen is great, i really do not know what the resolution of the screen is, but the factory did not go cheap here, images are sharp and vibrant, with ry good viewing angles.

On the bottom are the headphone and line out, as well as the scroll wheel for the volume, which by moves very smoothly, but is recessed enough that it shouldn’t move when in your pocket, also this is currently the only means of controlling volume on the player.

The UI….well i was told by the factory to not read too much into it as for the most part its still being developed, however the layout of the music and video player will be the same, except the graphics will be tweeked. Also lots of the menu layouts are very, very crude, these still need to be done. I am not going to really look to much at the UI overall as i know its not going to be the same in the final version. There are elements of the UI that are very similar to that of the T11RK - i think a video review would better show this than me trying to explain it here.

The audio…what this player is all about, well i have been listening to music for over the last hour with a pair of Pro Alphas and i can tell you the SQ is brilliant, its better than what i have heard from other devices such as the M8 or the T11RK, you can certainly hear the amp at work as you really don’t need to use the EQ to enhance the bass, heck using the playfx bass option makes the bass sound insane, it was a little to intense for me, but i think bass heads may go googoo over the combination. I make no claims to be an audiophile, but i know good sq when i hear it and this is really good. Also i checked already, no phase issues here.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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