Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gemei gets touchy - new HD693T announced

Gemei gets touchy - new HD693T announced

As predicted by MP4nation, touch screen players based on the new chips are starting to appear now, there are a couple available and now Gemei are to join in the party.

Announced today is the new HD693T from Gemei, its a touch screen based player with 4.3″ screen, no real details as yet except that it will use haptic feedback (you will tire of this in about 5 mins), some ugly main menu icons gleaned from the massive collection on the web, there is a reference to the cirrus logic audio chip which indicates Gemei are sticking with the ChinaChip CC1600 as the main powerhouse to run this baby. I imagine that beyond the main menu the UI will be the same as the old style C1600 interface, dull and completely ugly (personal opinion) with some touch buttons literally dropped on from a great height.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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