Friday, September 4, 2009

Cube release MP4 slab :: H300HD

Cube release MP4 slab :: H300HD

The onslought continues with yet another release of a HD player from China.

Cube are to throw to market a very square slab of a player

As you can see that advert has ALL the current buzz words in it, 720p, Exfat, MKV, H264 blah blah blah, we have seen it all before, other amazing attributes to this player are 4,3″ screen, 16milllion color screen, still button operated, OTG (on the go) plus all the normal ebook and photo viewers etc.

Cant really see where this differs from their other players, most new release from other companies have at least included a HDMI port to justify a new release, but this seems based on the same chip as its previous players OR it could be the new ingenics JZ4750/55 chip

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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