Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cube add new 3″ player to product line

Cube add new 3″ player to product line

Up and coming company Cube have now added a new 3″ player to their product line

The Cube B8 is a 3″ touch screen player, it incorporates vibration feedback (battery drainer) and rotation sensor. This is similar to other products from companies like Ramos and Window so it nothing new or groundbreaking.

The design is OK, the back looks a little odd but we can live with that. Judging by the spec sheet it look to be using the older RK2706 chip from Rockchip rather than any of the newer co-called HD chips that are currently dominating the market in China, but it makes sense, it will make the player cheaper and, believe it or not, were not all interested in HD, its a portable media player NOT a home entertainment system!!

basica specs so far are the video formats support and include RM / RMVB, AVI, FLV, DAT, MPG, MP4, WMV, this list is the normal one dragged out for players using the 27 rockchip so treat them with a pinch of salt!!

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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