Sunday, September 27, 2009

RAmos unleash a mass of new players

RAmos unleash a mass of new players

Well its the 25th today and we were awaiting the official announcement from RAmos on their new Andrioid based PMP. Well it was announced to be sure but what we were not expecting was the announcement of several other models as well

The Android will be known as the W7 and based on the Rockchip RK2808 chip -  see here,  but along with this we get ..

T11TE - Telechips version of the T11 player (In which there are 2 other version already out one still hot on the shelves!!)

WE also have the

T9HD (an update on the T9 rockchip player)

The ‘Family friendly’ T7

and finally the T6, based on the sc6800 chip???

Well, did you get all that, its alot aint it, personally we think its too much, especially since we are currently seeing several new players announced every week from China, not to mention all the new MID players that just about every Chinese PMP maker has announced. It is now the official run up to Christmas now so we expect to see an influx of new products but this is worse than ever, and for the already weary punter the choice of what to get just go even harder

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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