Sunday, September 13, 2009

ONDA VX575HD Uses Jogdial

ONDA VX575HD Uses Jogdial


This HDMI-, HD-, OTG-supporting PMP from ONDA gives one an unbelievable decent viewing rsolution of 800 × 480 on its 5.0-inch screen. The VX575HD is also no wash out with up to 170 degrees viewing. That’s pretty good, but what I like about this PMP and what I think will distinguish it from the rest is the BlackBerry-like jogwheel on the side. ONDA calls it Intelligent Shuttle Wheel for scrolling through your video or music playlists.

The HDMI should come in handy as the VX575HD supports up to 1360 × 768 pixels in RMVB format. It also fully supports H.264 encoded MKV HD. In China they’re selling this for 499 yuan ($77). That’s the 8GB version. Ownta has it on sale, too, for a higher price.

[via imp3]

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