Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sporty Philips Activa leaked before CES

Sporty Philips Activa leaked before CES

Sure we’ve seen the odd product secret divulged, but Philips are generally one of the few companies that usually manage to keep a lid on upcoming products, but even they are not immune to a geeks curiosity.

The new Philips Activa is set to take on the likes of Samsung’s MyFit. Similar to the MyFit, the Activa is geared towards those sporty individuals who get more of a rush out of jogging than sitting in front of their PCs.

philips activa

GMP3 informs us that the player integrates sensors to measure the number of calories lost and distance traveled. Incorporated is a mode in which tracks are automatically selected to form a playlist dependent on the tempo of your workout.

Other than a price of $130 and an availability or release date set for April, the finer details remain a ‘secret’.

(Via PlayerBites.)

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