Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sony UX voice recorders released with video promo

Sony UX voice recorders released with video promo

sony ux voice recorder

The new Sony UX series of voice recorders which double as MP3 players have been released to the public.  The new collection comes in three flavors consisting of the UX200, UX300, and UX300F.

The 3-in-1 players (USB storage, MP3 Player, and Voice Recorder) are capable of 15 hours worth of continuous recording (recording in MP3 format).

The UX200 has 2GB of flash memory or 535 hours of recording while the UX300 and 300F have 4GB of flash memory or 1,000 hours worth of recording with the 300F having an FM radio. The gadget comes bundled with a carrying pouch, rechargeable battery, stereo headphones, and USB cable.

Enough of the verbal diarrhea, check out the video promotion from Sony Europe…after the jump.

(Via PlayerBites.)

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