Monday, January 4, 2010

Cowon Officially Announces V5 HD

Cowon Officially Announces V5 HDcowon_v5hd.jpg

Today, Cowon officially announced their latest PMP, the V5 HD. Remember that vague commercial which was leaked last week for the Cowon V5 HD which featured two people in a library? Turns out, that commercial still doesn't make any sense, but we do have a few more details on the player now...

The V5, which measures in at 128x82x15.7mm, features a 4.8’ (800x480) touch screen TFT LCD, a massive 45 hour battery life for audio (10 for video), full HD H.264 playback, HDMI output, supports virtually every codec under the sun, and will be available in 8,16, and 32GB flavors.

On the software side, the V5 HD has a picture frame mode, flash support, a world clock, calculator, notepad, RSS reader and many other apps you'll probably never use. Interestingly, the V5 also seems to be running WinCE 6.0, which we would assume means there is the potential to run some WinCE apps on it as well.

The V5 HD is slated for release in South Korea on January 1st, 2010. Prices start at 299,000 KRW (US $253) for the 8GB unit

(Via Anything But iPod.)

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