Monday, January 4, 2010

Cydle enters PMP market with P29A

Cydle enters PMP market with P29A

cydle p29a player

The New Year is upon us, and you know what that means. No, no, we’re talking about sticking to your New Year’s resolution - we’re talking about CES. With CES 2010 upon us, companies are already breaking us in for the latest upcoming tech news.

South Korean Cydle, notorious for its in-car multimedia systems, has announced its intentions to enter the competitive PMP market. Its first player, the Cydle P29A, integrates both subscription-free Mobile DTV and an HD Radio tuner. Cydle informs us that DTV availability will be dependent on a user’s location.

Available in either 4GB or 8GB, the P29A packs a 2.9-inch touchscreen displaying at a 240x320 pixel resolution. An inbuilt accelerometer means that the display can switch from landscape to portrait and vice-versa.

An ARM9-based, 480MHz processor is the workhorse behind the device. Forget either Windows CE or a custom Linux Kernel because the P29A uses its own OS dubbed Nucleus.

Additional features include Bluetooth audio, a photo viewer, world clock, alarm functionality, a stopwatch and calculator and lastly a voice recorder with built-in microphone.

Expected to be released in Autumn of next year, the P29A will retail for $199.

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