Monday, January 4, 2010

Sherwood Announces iNet-2.0 Digital Media Player

Sherwood Announces iNet-2.0 Digital Media Player

Sherwood America announced today two components that bring streaming Internet content into the home one for the tabletop or bedside, and the other for the primary audio/video system. The RD-7505N A/V receiver is one of the first to accommodate the new HDMI 1.4 3D standard, providing three inputs with repeater and a single HDMI output. With 110 watts per channel, this 7.1 channel receiver decodes both the Dolby TruHD and DTS HD lossless audio formats. Without a PC, it makes access to streaming Internet audio and video as easy as selecting another input. Scheduled to ship in May 2010, MSRP for the 7505N is $499.95. At first glance, the iNet-2.0 appears to be just a digital photo frame or clock, but it houses a powerful Internet music player and iPod dock. Expected to be available in May 2010, MSRP for the iNet-2.0 is $299.95. Both products will be on display at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sherwood Announces iNet-2.0

The iNet-2.0 digital media player is a highly versatile and useful entertainment delivery device, combining an Internet radio, iPod/iPhone dock and a 8-inch digital photo frame in a sleek, attractive package. Connecting easily through a wired or wireless connection to the Internet, the iNet-2.0 receives streaming stations worldwide. On demand Audio playback is also available through Rhapsody and Napster services. Its built-in stereo speakers are driven by an internal 10 watts per channel amplifier. With Apples Made for iPhone and Made for iPod certification, the iNet-2.0 provides playback from both Apple devices through its built-in dock. The iNet-2.0 can play back MP3, Windows Media, AAC+ and RealAUDIO audio files. When not being used to access media, the iNet-2.0s 8-inch panel can be used to display photos, turning the device into a sleek digital photo frame. 1 Gigabyte of internal storage can be used for photos and media storage, and inputs include a USB Host version 1.1 and a SD/SDHC/MC card slot.

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