Monday, January 4, 2010

Philips SA075 receives official product launch

Philips SA075 receives official product launch

philips sa075

The Philips SA075 has remained a bit of a mystery since it was first leaked to the public. All we’ve had to go on is that the player is HD-capable with a high res touchscreen (800 x 480 pixels) and contains an HDMI out port for HD video playback on your TV.

Well, it seems that the SA075 has had the red carpet treatment at a product launch party in Beijing.  Unfortunately, not too much more about the player is clear. We do now know that the player will output 720p instead of the more desired 1080p.

In the above photo taken at the launch, there is a label indicating capacity, but other than the ‘GB’ indicator, we are unable to make out much more.

Does this finally mean we should be expecting the SA075 soon? Still no idea on whether to see a stateside release.

Another Philips player has been unearthed at the party (seen below), but not even a model number has been given. All we have to go on is that it is a video-capable player with an inbuilt camera function and will be available in a red and gray color. Yup, instead of solving mysteries, we’re creating more…

philips unknown

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