Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rockchip RK2808 7″ MID ‘APAD’ In Stock Now!

Rockchip RK2808 7″ MID ‘APAD’ In Stock Now!

As the title says, we have the Apad now in stock. This is the most widely available RK2808 MID, with a 7″ touch screen and Wifi, it also have Marketplace access.

Slatedroid forum member rogerbraun has give us permission to use his custom hybrid firmware V4.5. This firmware is based on the Archos 7HT and RAmos W7, it is better than the standard fw that comes with this device and the preloaded apps are also much better.

We will also offer a 30day swap warranty, if anything goes wrong with the unit, just send it back and we will send a new unit. This is ontop of the normal 1 year warranty that we offer for this device against defects.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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