Friday, June 4, 2010

Bmorn BM-888F10 w/ 1280p

Bmorn BM-888F10 w/ 1280p


Bmorn’s BM-888F10 seems to be an updated revision of the original 7-inch BM-888, supposedly bringing in more user-friendly tweaks and an increased efficiency in video playback. So they say. This 7-inch player should have the same 800x480 screen resolution and as 1280p is plastered all over there promotional pictures, it is fairly safe to assume that this player is using the Sochip Sc9800 or some renamed variant as that chip is the only one on the mass market today that can play files of up to 1920x1280 resolution. Considering it’s the Sochip, video playback and battery efficiency will be excellent, with support for all the major video file formats including MKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, VOB etc. Another benefit will be the 1080p WMV decoding that is certainly impressive of the chip. The player looks sleek and smooth, with a nice brushed aluminum frame that definitely leans toward the more aesthetically inclined.

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