Tuesday, October 27, 2009

YINLIPS YDP800 “Phantom” MP5 Player + Mini Projector

YINLIPS YDP800 “Phantom” MP5 Player + Mini Projector


The photo above suggests that the Yinlips YDP800 can project a bigger image of your gaming screen. If this PMP does support it, I’d be lining up to get myself one. We’re not getting a lot of details of this mini Projector and MP4 player from IMP3. They say it can project up to 12 lumens and play 64-bit games. Wireless control is also supported. The YDP800’s Alibaba page, however, says only 32-bit gaming support and emulation for NES, GBA, GB, GBC, SMC, SFC. Alibaba also specifies an LCOS projector that supports 80 inches maximum projection. Other specs: 3.5-inch LCD display, infrared remote and infrared handheld wireless control, support for 16GB microSD. Yinlips will be the first manufacturer to make a mini projector portable player available to the public. I’m not surprised. Oh, btw, the YDP800 weighs all of 300g.

[via imp3, alibaba]

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