Friday, October 16, 2009

COWON iAudio 9 in Colors

COWON iAudio 9 in Colors


It’s inevitable that the new COWON iAudio 9 will be available in several colors. Now, it can be officially announced: COWON gives you the iAudio 9 PMP in 5 colors (black, silver, white, sky blue and red). The PMPs will not compete with the selection of colors for the iPod Nano. The iAudio 9 doesn’t have a video camera either or a pedometer. Prices are as follows: 2GB (75 euros), 4 GB (95 euros), 8GB (120 euros), 16GB (150 euros). The iAudio 9 has an FM tuner, microphone, speaker, TV out and JetEffect 3.0. On the 2-inch screen, you can watch AVI, WMV, Xvid, ASF videos. Just a note: doesn’t the sky blue one look more like aquamarine?

[via journaldugeek]

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