Friday, October 9, 2009

RAmos T6 spotted - Sochip and with HDMI port

RAmos T6 spotted - Sochip and with HDMI port

Well looks like even RAmos has jumped on the SoChip train, their T6 model seems to use the same chip that is present in the Ainol V6000HD series and the Cube H100HD series of player. The Sochip media chip seems to being its rounds to all the main MP4 makers in China, i was quite suprised to see RAmos with a Sochip player as they tend to use Rockchip media chips for their players, i guess they couldn’t afford not to have a Sochip player out there.

The T6 does come armed with a HDMI port, allowing for full 1080p HD video out, quite a nice feature and works well with the Sochips capability of supporting videos upto 1080p resolution. I for one am not convinced about this chipset, although its quite capable of support high resolution RMVB and some MKV, the chipset has issues playing high resolution AVI files, files that the CC1600 media chip would have no problem playing.

The RAmos T6 is out in China, the Sochip, 4.3″ and HDMI armed player costs a whooping RMB$499 or about USD$73.00, don’t expect us to have this here at MP4 Nation, we’re passing on the Sochip train.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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