Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waterproof MP550 player goes down a splash

Waterproof MP550 player goes down a splash

Watersafe MP550 mp3 player

It’s not often you hear of American companies manufacturing MP3 players - here’s one to break the tradition. This is Waterproof Electronics‘ MP550 clip-MP3 player. It’s totally waterproof without the need for a bulky case.

This probably looks rather familiar to Coby’s MP550, not? Surprise! In fact, the player is a specially designed Coby MP550 Micro-Clip Mp3 Player that has been waterproofed from the inside-out. Included is a waterproof headset; the earbuds have been specially designed to fit snugly into the ear to keep water out during sudden and sharp turning of the head above or below water.

Available in a 1GB storage capacity, the MP550 features support for both MP3 and WMA audio files. The integrated rechargeable lithium polymer battery is capable of 5 hours of continuous audio on a single charge - not that you’re likely to be swimming for that long.

The player is as small as it looks measuring 64 x 22 x 9 mm and is available in a choice of either Black, Red, Silver, or Blue.

The waterproof MP550 is now available online retailing for $99.95

(Via PlayerBites.)

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