Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yet Another Android Tablet: ezGear Surfboard

Yet Another Android Tablet: ezGear Surfboard


Ludicrous and thoroughly unattractive name aside, this is another Android tablet offering, a 7-inch 800×480 device. One interesting thing though is that according to the ezGear website, this tablet runs on Android 2.1 and is powered by the Rockchip RK2818 chip, rather than the more popular RK2808 which can only handle Android 1.5. That certainly is intriguing and hopefully promises a better experience than the myriad RK2808 tablets on the market today. Other standard features include WiFi, HDMI out and a TF card expansion slot. No word on price yet.

But why would they even call it a surfboard? Yeah, cowabunga…

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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