Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snazzy Dual-Display E-Reader: Hanvon T61

Snazzy Dual-Display E-Reader: Hanvon T61


Even though the Hanvon T61 e-reader pictured above is just a rebranding of a fairly generic e-reader technology, the dual-display does make for an interesting concept. I can’t really think of much use the dual-display serves other than to boost up the price of this e-reader, and to provide superfluous functionality that nobody would really use. Aside from that, the second screen makes the reader a lot larger, with the first screen being sized 6-inches (800×600) and the second being sized 3.5-inches (320×480). The first screen uses an E-Ink panel, as seen on many other e-readers, while the second is a colour touchscreen. I suppose the second screen does allow for easier navigation of books while in a book, but one can’t help but feel that this second screen is largely useless, draining battery life and offering limited extra functionality. The device runs on Android and is not generally recommended.

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