Friday, July 30, 2010

HOTT’s 5-Inch MID Stocking Shelves

HOTT’s 5-Inch MID Stocking Shelves


The HOTT MD500 should now be starting to stock shelves, according to imp3, after months of hype and promotion. To refresh your memory, the HOTT MD500 is a fairly unremarkable 5-inch MID that is set to run Google Android 1.5 - a surefire hint that inside it houses the Rockchip Rk2808 chip. Another surefire hint is that the MID is capable of decoding up to 720p videos, which is the limit of the 2808 chip. The firmware is looking to be slightly customised with preloaded apps such as QQ. All in all, nothing to get terribly excited over, though it does add another MID into the 5-inch range which is a welcome addition. It, however, is not selling for particularly cheap with a 899 Yuan price point attached which will no doubt be inflated when sold overseas. The RAmos W7 is a better choice.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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