Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mahdi’s M15HD: Extensive Accessories

Mahdi’s M15HD: Extensive Accessories


Mahdi’s M15HD player, a 4.3-inch w/ a screen resolution of 480x272 is being bundled with a wealth of accessories, which is always something pleasant. This player features the Jay Chou insignia on the back showing a continued investment and cooperation in and with Mr. Chou, a huge Asian star. Further still, a Jay Chou album is bundled by default onto the player as well as bookmarks and other little knick-knacks which is proving an interesting marketing direction.The player itself can be expected to play HD videos of the standard file formats, including MKV, MP4, MPG, WMV, RMVB, AVI, FLV, DAT, VOB etc.

(Via MP4 Nation Blog.)

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