Monday, May 3, 2010

Cowon’s D3 to be Android powered? Yes, Sir!

Cowon’s D3 to be Android powered? Yes, Sir!

Even since the Teclast T58 was purported to be the first Android PMP, a slew of manufacturers have jumped on the band-wagon and released Google-powered Android media players (not limited to the Philips GoGear Connect, Archos’ new tablets, and even the iRiver K2).

In an unprecedented move by the Korean-based firm, Cowon are about to ride the Android wave with their yet-to-be-released Cowon D3 according to Journal Du Geek. We’re not too sure whether this is a good or bad thing - check out the sentiments shared by anythingbutipod.

Half-baked attempts to integrate Android within mobile phones have been seen in devices like the HTC Magic (even though the firmware improved over time with new revisions). Cowon’s attempt to appease Google could come at a price to the respected Cowon brand.

The D3 is purported to be slated for a summer release, following just behind the recently released S9 and J3 players.

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