Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zii EGG, first impressions

Zii EGG, first impressions

Zii EGG, first impressions

Now that Creative is shipping the Zii EGG, the first impressions are being posted online. So, hot or not?

'The screen on the Zii EGG compares very favorably with the Sony's OLED (shown above), though the blacks certainly aren't as intense. It's shockingly bright, and colors are very vibrant and 'alive'. The built-in speakers are about on par with those on my Zen X-Fi, though not quite as good as the one's on my Sony NWZ-S545 (also pictured) - IMO.'

'Remember that the Zii EGG/DE is not a retail/consumer product and is very 'rough around the edges', but one thing that I'm really happy about is that the player sounds better than ANY Creative DAP/PMP since the Zen MicroPhoto. I'll even go so far as to say that it's the best sounding Creative player I've ever heard, and that's without any EQ/Z-Fi etc.'

Ok, I thought that PMP makers had master audio quality, but apparently, it is still a hot topic for some. In the video (full post), the Zii Egg takes about 1mn to boot, and the user interface seems to be fluid, which is always a good sign, but there was no 3D demo. Web browsing experience looks on par with Android, but not as good as an iPod touch.

(Via UberGizmo, the Gadgets News Blog.)

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