Saturday, August 22, 2009

Samsung YP-R1 PMP Unboxed and a Review

Samsung YP-R1 PMP Unboxed and a Review


Moveplayer in Korea has first dibs on the Samsung YP-R1. They’ve been sent a live one and they enthusiastically peeled off the packaging and take photos of the dirty business. It’s got a tiny form factor (see photo below) that will suit people looking for a pocket-friendly PMP. That’s why Samsung is only giving us 2.7 inches of display space instead of the more common 3 inches. Moveplayer says the Samsung R1 GUI is pretty sleek. It plays unencoded 720 x 480 videos.

It’s a tightly designed PMP with a highly usable touchscreen user interface. The video below exhibits the touchscreen responsiveness.

It’s a good player design-wise and the multi-media aspect seems fairly adequate, but maybe they could downgrade the price a little bit to something closer to $150 for the 8GB.

Moveplayer has a thorough review of this elegant new player from Samsung, which will go for $180 with an 8GB memory.

(Via PMP Today.)

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