Friday, July 17, 2009

Samsung YP M1 PMP - P3 Successor?

Samsung YP M1 PMP - P3 Successor?

The market for personal media players is definitely a hot place and the companies keep pulling down each other by offering features that are alien to the other. Take for instance the latest Samsung YP-M1. The unannounced Korean PMP leaked on mostly shares the same youthful UCI interface as YP P3 that allows you to customize themes and icons and that includes Widgets to provide quick access and useful info. Touch-sensitive interface and small applets naturally work better on a bigger screen. So, the M1's 3.3' touchscreen should be a welcome improvement.

Other details are still sketchy, but what's certain is that the Samsung M1 has a rounded form-factor and chrome edges, unlike the P3. It also supports a wide array of Bluetooth profiles, from audio/video remote control profile to hands-free profile (using the M1 as a BT headset), object push (wireless file sharing ^_^) and advanced audio distribution profile (stereo steaming). Hopefully, Samsung hasn't forgotten about long over-due Wi-Fi.

(Via Everything USB News, Reviews, Tips.)

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