Friday, March 19, 2010

Chuwi Add Another S to P7eos -> P7eosS

Chuwi Add Another S to P7eos -> P7eosS


I don’t know what more to be astonished by, how Chuwi goes about naming their players or the fact that this 5.0″ player costs less than USD$60 and comes with 8GB of memory. The P7eosS is very similar, in fact totally the same albeit the screen size, to the P7eos. This variant will have a 5.0″ screen, run on a telechips processor which will be able to decode videos that are upto and possible even above 1080p, it does also have HDMI out. Players like this are pretty much kings of video playback, as they can support just about any popular used video format (AVI, Divx, RMVB, MKV, TS, WMV9, H.264, H.263). The player looks to be out very soon, but i am sure it won’t be long before Chuwi goes and add another S for the 7.0″ version of this player.


Via iMP3

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