Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kula TV is big, klunky but entertaining

Kula TV is big, klunky but entertaining

Sungale has unveiled it’s new mobile TV device called the Sungale Kula TV. The device which was showcased at CES received a lot of attention, but we’re just not sure why?

First off, with its thick, black enclosure and 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, the Kula is reminiscent of a brick. Secondly, the large, pop-up Wi-Fi antennae, which can be used for accessing streaming TV stations from around the world, is rather unsightly. Thankfully, the antennae can be neatly hidden; although, we doubt you will be using it outside of the confines of your own home.

Even though the device features support for music, movies and photos, the 2GB internal memory will limit your mobile file collection. Consumers will have to consider investing in a SD card for the available slot. There is word of a recharageable battery, but no word on charge-life.

It’s not all gloom. One notable feature is the device’s television UI: it is able to live stream television programs from all over the world, which are organized by country and language not forgetting the content categories such as News, Sports and Finance.

With a release date of early March, the Kula will retail for a respectable $199 USD. We have to give Sungale props for scrapping subscription fees.

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